In many areas of business we all have deadlines.

Whether they are customer or Government – such as HMRC related.

We know that we need to meet these, otherwise there are consequences.

Public Affairs is slightly different.

Whilst there are some deadlines in Public Affairs, many perceive that it is something which can be “put on hold” for a while.

However, this could be a point of view, one does need to remember that the business of Government will trundle on. Whilst your organisation may wish to set aside for a few months whilst that major project is completed. Government will move, it’s own pace and legislation will continue through whichever legislature it is progressing.

As McKinsey have said, Public Affairs can add 30% to the business earning and having more than a passing acquaintance with the passage of legislation is necessary – especially if it impacts upon one’s business.

Time travel is challenging to say the least.

In Public Affairs, it is simply impossible.

If you or your organisation wish assistance with keeping up to speed with the legislative process, please do contact:-


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