A_modern_housing_development_outside_townLast week we wrote about Public Affairs and why organisations should ensure that they are an integral part of their organisation.

According to McKinsey, Public Affairs adds 30% to business earnings. ( http://bit.ly/1kFL4FF).

In the Local Development Plan process this could not be more accurate. If developers don’t follow this process closely and influence elected members appropriately, the costs of plots being inaccurately zoned could be substantial. These cost could range from speculative planning applications to appeals if these planning determinations are felt to be unjustified.

In Scotland, the Local Development Plan process is a rolling one. As soon as one plan is agreed, the next one requires to be written.

Over the past few weeks, we at Perspectiva Consultants have been asked to comment on 3 Local Development Plans – all at different stages of completion. Developers need to ensure that they are aware of the relevant stage of each Local Development Plan.

If you or your organisation would like any information regarding the Local Development Plan process, or a particular Local Authority, please do contact karen@perspectivaconsultants.com


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