Today the Scottish Government published

Today the Scottish Government published their Lobbying Bill. The Scottish Government are looking to hear the thoughts of the public and business to help them shape this legisation. The closinfing date for contributions to this is St Andrews day – 30th November. It will be interesting to see the contributions.


End in sight for mobile phone “roaming” fees and unequal internet access

A young woman is using her smart phone at a table outside


Many businesses as well as individuals will welcome the news that the European Parliament has taken the step to end mobile phone roaming fess and made internet access less dependable on wifi.

Today, at a plenary session of the European Parliament, in Strasbourg voted to abolish roaming surcharges by the end of June 2017.

This means that everyone from people taking their annual vacation to small and medium enterprises building their trade will be able to benefit from a level playing field.

The Parliament also voted to cap roaming fess from April 2016 – again assisting many.

This is a tangible example of how the EU can and does impact upon people’s everyday lives. Ensuring a level playing field for business and helping citizens – irrespective of where they live in the EU.

If you wish further information on the forthcoming legislation in the European Parliament, please d not hesitate to contact

Well, who would have thought it, The Eur

Well, who would have thought it, The European Commission say that Small firms should not have to bear the tax burden of multinationals that pay very little! A welcome comment for small & micro businesses throughout the EU.We look forward to seeing what The Commission bring forward.  If anyone would like more information on this, please, do contact us on

Today the Scottish Government announed t

Today the Scottish Government announed that there would be a review of the Planning System in Scotland. One of the areas which they are seeking contributions on is Should communities be more engaged in the process ? They are also enquiring on how to streamline, simplify and improve current systems and remove unnecessary blockages in the decision-making process.
How would this impact upon your organisation ?
Would you like to contribute to this consultation process ?
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Zero Hours Contracts – Do you know about the changes ?

For many employers, zero hours contracts make their organisation viable.

This afternoon, the Government issued their new guidance on these.

This guidance includes what they are, how they affect employment rights, appropriate use and best practice.

The guidance notes can be found at

The real question is, does your organisation know this ?

If it hadn’t been via this post, would it have been aware of this guidance note from BIS ?

If you would like to discuss further how to keep informed about the changes which BIS and other departments are making, please do contact

Conference season is over – now to The Budget

As Westminster returns from its Conference recess, all eyes now turn to HM Treasury and The Budget 2016.

Many businesses feel that they need to concentrate on the Here & Now, but in HM Treasury, that is next year’s Budget.

So, how will the announcements made next Spring impact upon your business ?

Have you even thought that far ahead ?

Some larger businesses or trade associations see this is the starting point for their working year.

So, does your business require a change in tax in order for it to be competitive ?

Have you spoken to any politicians to test the water with your ideas ?

Do others in your industry see this as a positive for the industry as a whole ?

If the answer to any of the above questions is YES, then do you have the political knowledge and business capital to achieve this ?

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