With many Scottish schools holidays coming to an end, many organisations will see this as a time to return to “normal” business, whatever that is.

During the Summer period, the Scottish Government, like it’s Westminster counterpart issued a number of consultations.

Some of these, such as

Permitted Development Rights: Non-Domestic Solar Panels and Domestic Air Source Heat Pumps , 

Consultation on further extension of coverage of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 to more organisations ,


Consultation on the Law of Succession  still have a limited time to contribute to.

If any of these impact on your business, it is vital that you input into the process. Your business perspective is one which the Government may not have heard before and could take into account when progressing the relevant legislation.

Most business maintain that Government, irrespective of where the decisions are made, do not take their views into account.  This is your opportunity to correct this.

If you wish assistance with this process, do contact



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