It might be recess but all areas of Government are still working hard. Even if the elected members are back in their constituencies.

As we are coming to the end of July, the civil servants at every level of Government are still working hard and publishing Guidance Notes, Policy Papers and public consultations at a rate of knots.

This week alone Her Majesty’s Government have issued Policy Papers on the Minimum Wage, Women on Boards, Electricity Market Reform and TTIP.  Not content with that there have also been Guidance on the Roles & Responsibilities under the Capacity Market and Information Management policies.

There has also been the start of the consultation process on Feed In Tariffs.

While many of these subjects may appear dry – and might not apply to every business.  The issue is, that somewhere, there is a business organisation which these will impact upon – and without regular advice and guidance from a professional organisation, your business may have to react to a Government decision, as opposed to influence and shape it.

In the sphere of Local Government, many residents often accuse officers of “sneaking out” contenscious planning applications during the summer break time – as they feel that they are being held back form the influencing process.

If your organisation requires guidance with this process,please do contact Perspectiva consultants, either via their LinkedIn page or their website on


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