As I write this post, the main news agenda is that of Greece and the possibility of a Grexit.  As many Parliaments, including the Scottish Parliament in the UK and the Bundestag in Germany and on their summer vacation.

However, it should be noted that as crisis emerge, there is a track record of Parliaments being re-called.  With the Greek situation changing, everyting is possible.

This week, the MEPs will be in Committee meetings in Brussels. Some of the Committees meeting this week include :-Economic & Monetary Affairs, Budgets, & the Committee on Budgetary Control.

In Westminster, the debate on the Budget will continue today & tomorrow. On Wednesday there are questions to the Secretary of State of Scotland, a debate on the changes via a statutory instrument on legislation relating to Hunting and also a vote to change the standing orders to the House on English votes for English laws, whilst summer vacation may be coming, there are still many decisions to be made.


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