This Week In Politics – 13th July 2015

As I write this post, the main news agenda is that of Greece and the possibility of a Grexit.  As many Parliaments, including the Scottish Parliament in the UK and the Bundestag in Germany and on their summer vacation.

However, it should be noted that as crisis emerge, there is a track record of Parliaments being re-called.  With the Greek situation changing, everyting is possible.

This week, the MEPs will be in Committee meetings in Brussels. Some of the Committees meeting this week include :-Economic & Monetary Affairs, Budgets, & the Committee on Budgetary Control.

In Westminster, the debate on the Budget will continue today & tomorrow. On Wednesday there are questions to the Secretary of State of Scotland, a debate on the changes via a statutory instrument on legislation relating to Hunting and also a vote to change the standing orders to the House on English votes for English laws, whilst summer vacation may be coming, there are still many decisions to be made.



In case some of you have been wondering why there hasn’t been a post this week looking forward to the political week, there has been a very goo reason – RECESS.

With the Scottish Parliament and many Scottish Local Authorities being in Recess – there is a limited amount to comment on.

In some Scottish Local Authorities, there is a Recess/Vacation Committee which will consist of a very small number of Councillors which will make only urgent decisions, but sometimes, even these meeting can be cancelled.

There is no such Recess Committee in the Scottish Parliament.