This Week In Politics – 22nd June 2015

Today, discussions commence in Brussels regarding the future of Greece as part of the Eurozone.  This is the first meeting with the EuroGroup and there will be further discussions this week.  This does appear to have an impact on the € and questions are being asked about a Grexit.

Elsewhere in Brussels, the Committees of the European Parliament are meeting with the Committees on Economic & Monetary Affairs, Employment & Social Affairs and Industry, Research & Energy already well under way.

In Westminster, on Tuesday we have the Committee stage of the EU Referedum Bill – being lead by the Chancellor, George Osborne, on the floor of the house of Commons.  Wednesday sees the highlight of the political week at Westminster with Questions to the Prime Minister and on Thursday it is likely that there could be clarification on the ending of subsidies on onshore renewables energy with Energy & Climate Change Questions oening the parliamentary day.

In Holyrood the main legislation for debate is that of early release of offenders and also the Mental Health (Scotland) Bill.  Thursday sees the final First Minister’s Questions before the summer recess which commences on Friday.

It should be noted as far as MSPs are concerned, recess simply means that they will not be travelling to Edinburgh. Many will be working in their constituencies and can be contacted at their constituency offices.

Moreover, it should be noted that many Scottish Local Authorities will also hold their final full meeting before their summr vacation this week also.

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Politics Next Week – 15th June 2015

Next Week is a busy business week in the House of Commons, Holyrood and Brussels.

On Monday we start with the Committe stage of the Scotland Bill which will be lead by David Mundell, the Secretary of State for Scotland.  The Committee of that of the whole House, so expect many ammendments from the SNP and significant amounts of news coverage.  Meanwhile, over in Brussels, MEPs will be discussing in Committee International Trade, Employment & Social Affairs, and Transport & Tourism.

Tuesday will be another busy day with the commencement of the European Referendum Bill, lead by Philip Hammond.  Again, this Committee is on the floor of the House of Commons – so many ammendments and much news coverage too.

Wednesday we have PMQs, where the country will see the Acting Labour Leader, Harriet Harman attempt to gain an answer from David Cameron. In Holyrood, there is Stage 3 debate of Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill.

Thursday in Holyrood we will have FMQs, where Kezia Dugdale will question the First Minister on current issue.  In Westminster, there is the second day of the European Referendum Bill,Committee stage.

Quite a busy week ahead and for many businesses, there could be significant implications – the main issue is, are businesses aware of the above agenda and it’s impact ? Have they been in touch with elected members to advise them of the outcome of their actions ? Politicans do not have perfect knowedge of every subject that they vote on.  It is the duty and responsibility of business to interact with them – to provide them with information and thus, politicans should be able to take more informed decisions which will assist business in the long run.

Commons second reading: European Union Referendum Bill

Today, is the start of the legislative process for the EU Referndum Bill.  The debate has already had contributions from John Redwood, Peter Bone, Drew Hendry, Alan Mak and Kelvin Hopkins.

So far the main point of contention appears to be who will be able to vote in the Referendum, as opposed to the whether to support or oppose the Referendum.

Withe 2 days of futher dabate scheduled for next week – the is only the start of this process.

The issue for business is what are we voting on ?

How will it affect business ?

Can we trade on a level playing field ?

As we are only at the beginning of this campaign, many of the answers to the above questions are legitimately “Don’t Know”.

The main concern for Business uncertainity, the longer this campaign continues, the greater the uncertainty.  Business must be aware if there are changes and make the necessary mitigations.

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Scotland Bill 2015 – Second Reading

This afternoon, only a few minutes ago, David Mundell, the Secretary of State for Scotland, and the only Conservative in Scotland stood up to commence the Second Reading of the Scotland Bill.

Whilst the SNP in the form of Ian Blackford, the new MP for Ross, Skye & Lochaber, have already intervened in this debate.  Unexpected contributions have also been made by the Conservative Sir Edward Leigh, who suggested that Full Fiscal Autonomy may make the Scottish Parliament more accountable.

Today is the first day of four of scrutiny of this legisaltion.  It is likely that there will be attempts to change this legisation.  This Bill will impact on Scottish Business, how it will do so will require to be monitored.

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Lords Opposition In The New Parliament

With the Conservatives now having a Government majority of 12, considerably lower than previous Governments, the REAL Oppostion could come from the House of Lords.  The Lib Dems have recently been in Government and were widely tipped to hold the balance of power by many pundits, that is until election day itself.  The list Lib Dem Lords Spokespeople can be found at .

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