Time Travel ? Not in Public Affairs

In many areas of business we all have deadlines.

Whether they are customer or Government – such as HMRC related.

We know that we need to meet these, otherwise there are consequences.

Public Affairs is slightly different.

Whilst there are some deadlines in Public Affairs, many perceive that it is something which can be “put on hold” for a while.

However, this could be a point of view, one does need to remember that the business of Government will trundle on. Whilst your organisation may wish to set aside for a few months whilst that major project is completed. Government will move, it’s own pace and legislation will continue through whichever legislature it is progressing.

As McKinsey have said, Public Affairs can add 30% to the business earning and having more than a passing acquaintance with the passage of legislation is necessary – especially if it impacts upon one’s business.

Time travel is challenging to say the least.

In Public Affairs, it is simply impossible.

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Public Affairs and Local Development Plans

A_modern_housing_development_outside_townLast week we wrote about Public Affairs and why organisations should ensure that they are an integral part of their organisation.

According to McKinsey, Public Affairs adds 30% to business earnings. ( http://bit.ly/1kFL4FF).

In the Local Development Plan process this could not be more accurate. If developers don’t follow this process closely and influence elected members appropriately, the costs of plots being inaccurately zoned could be substantial. These cost could range from speculative planning applications to appeals if these planning determinations are felt to be unjustified.

In Scotland, the Local Development Plan process is a rolling one. As soon as one plan is agreed, the next one requires to be written.

Over the past few weeks, we at Perspectiva Consultants have been asked to comment on 3 Local Development Plans – all at different stages of completion. Developers need to ensure that they are aware of the relevant stage of each Local Development Plan.

If you or your organisation would like any information regarding the Local Development Plan process, or a particular Local Authority, please do contact karen@perspectivaconsultants.com

What is Public Affairs?

City Image - London

What is Public Affairs?

We have been asked recently what is public affairs and how can it help our organisation ?

This is one of the most difficult questions for people to answer.

Public affairs does not produce a good – a physical product.

However, according to McKinsey ( http://bit.ly/1kFL4FF ), the business value of public affairs is about 30% of business earnings. Not too shabby for a non tangible.

This view is reinforced by European Public Affairs, who state that Public Affairs does not equate to lobbying. ( http://bit.ly/1MjXSIU )

So, why should your organisation use a public affairs company ?

Answer …..

To be ahead of the business and political game

To engage with politicians and make them aware of the consequences of their actions

To build relationships with those who take decagons impacting upon business.

but most importantly to add about 30% to business earnings

End in sight for mobile phone “roaming” fees and unequal internet access

A young woman is using her smart phone at a table outside


Many businesses as well as individuals will welcome the news that the European Parliament has taken the step to end mobile phone roaming fess and made internet access less dependable on wifi.

Today, at a plenary session of the European Parliament, in Strasbourg voted to abolish roaming surcharges by the end of June 2017.

This means that everyone from people taking their annual vacation to small and medium enterprises building their trade will be able to benefit from a level playing field.

The Parliament also voted to cap roaming fess from April 2016 – again assisting many.

This is a tangible example of how the EU can and does impact upon people’s everyday lives. Ensuring a level playing field for business and helping citizens – irrespective of where they live in the EU.

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Well, who would have thought it, The Eur

Well, who would have thought it, The European Commission say that Small firms should not have to bear the tax burden of multinationals that pay very little! A welcome comment for small & micro businesses throughout the EU.We look forward to seeing what The Commission bring forward.  http://bit.ly/1PwmDY8  If anyone would like more information on this, please, do contact us on karen@perspectivaconsultants.com

Today the Scottish Government announed t

Today the Scottish Government announed that there would be a review of the Planning System in Scotland. One of the areas which they are seeking contributions on is Should communities be more engaged in the process ? They are also enquiring on how to streamline, simplify and improve current systems and remove unnecessary blockages in the decision-making process.
How would this impact upon your organisation ?
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